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We Are Your Choice Food Vendor For Child Nutrition Meals 


Diwa Kitchen Co brings food innovation that delight and inspires many palettes through schools across our Great State of Texas!   When you partner with us, not only you are receiving meals that are appetizing and nutritious, you are also contributing to the fight against hunger in your community.  


Freshly Made Ingredients

Diwa Kitchen Co is the choice food vendor for educational institutions all across North Texas.  Students look forward to eating meals prepared by Diwa Kitchen Co. Whenever possible, we cook from scratch, using fresh herbs and marinades. We prepare the meals with love and pride, led by our faith in God and a desire to impact and nourish the children we serve. With that spirit, Diwa Kitchen Co. brings exceptional service and integrity to all aspects of food service management – hiring and training, complying with laws and regulations, planning menus, cooking, and finally, delivering a nutritious and delicious plate to your students’ tables. 

Partnership with Diwa Kitchen Co also fights hunger in your community - a percentage of all sales are donated to Full Filled Project Inc, a local non-profit providing free, daily nutritious meals to food-insecure children and youth in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Greater Austin, San Antonio area.  

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Jessie Brown, Dallas Texas

“To the brilliant team at Diwa Kitchen, Thank you very much indeed for your exemplary organization of the dinner at my charitable function last week. It was an epic event and a real highlight in our company’s history.” Love, Jess


We aim to fulfill and surpass all your expectations!

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Innovative Approach to Healthy Options

We are not your standard food distributor, we seek partnerships and fulfillment in collaboration work with customers to reach a goal.  The answer might be obvious, but taste alone does not make a perfect nutritious meal. Diwa Kitchen Co.’s meals meet or exceed USDA minimum nutrition guidelines. We serve food that addresses the multicultural needs of our children, enhancing our meals with seasoning and flavors familiar to them. With this approach, children are more apt to try and enjoy new foods.  Our monthly menus feature a fruit and vegetable of the month. We include fun facts of each to encourage the students to sample them. We also partner with school personnel to conduct nutrition lessons for students using the "My Plate" resource so that students can better understand the characteristics of a healthy meal.

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Experience & Difference

Diwa Kitchen Co.'s leadership team has dedicated more than 65 combined years of service to supplying meals to schools. With that rich experience, our team members navigate the complex requirements of food service management. Our meals match or exceed the nutritional guidelines established by the USDA for its food programs, and we maintain the documentation and systems required to produce and deliver thousands of meals to schools each day. Our expertise and experience has earned Diwa Kitchen Co. a perfect audit history with the Texas Department of Agriculture.



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Scope Of Services

Our systems and processes – designed for stability and scalability – enable us to keep pace with the growing demands of our clients. We add staff, equipment, locations, and other resources to meet escalating demands.  Diwa Kitchen Co. shares a commitment to a joyful atmosphere for the entire school community, but especially for students. 

We value and expect positive attitudes and servant leadership in all of our interactions.  We take all issues seriously and address them immediately to ensure the best service possible, driving customer satisfaction through proactive communication.


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